You Should Never Saw Me Coming
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You Should Never Saw Me Coming

Freshman Chloe Wean has two secrets: 1) she’s a psychopath and 2) she’s planning to terminate frat boy Will Bachman. Chloe has no feelings of Empathy or remorse, but she is aware that she has been wronged.

Chloe thought Will was her boyfriend, but he hurt her in a particularly devastating way when she was only 12 years old, and she spent years planning her revenge. Chloe came to Adams University, the same college attended by enrollment in special studies.

Along with seven other students diagnosed with psychopaths, Chloe has a free trip if she agrees to group therapy and biometric monitoring. For Chloe, this is just a means to an end – Access to the Will – until someone starts executing the students in the group. Suddenly, Chloe finds herself in a cat-and-mouse game with a Terminator as she pursues her own plot for justice.

While Chloe isn’t empathetic per se, it’s fun to read in a way reminiscent of Villanelle from “Finish Eve,” and author Vera Kurian gives readers two equally engaging stories. First of all, Chloe’s Mission is to put an end to Will. Although his actions are illegal and morally reprehensible, Will’s crime is so heinous that it is not difficult to understand why Chloe would resort to execution rather than turning to an unreliable judicial system.

And then there’s the subplot of Chloe’s Catch-Me-If-you-can, which attempts to figure out who is terminating the members of the study she’s a part of. She joins two other members of the group to eliminate the Terminator, but her companions are not as reliable as her. The fact that Never Saw me Coming has several characters who lie and manipulate easily makes detecting the central terminator all the more difficult. All this translates into a unique reading experience: although there are not necessarily any “good” ones to put down roots in, Kurian forces his readers to invest deeply in Chloe’s success, whatever.

With a satisfying (albeit bloodthirsty) quest for revenge and a convoluted mystery to solve, Never Saw Me Coming will make readers stay up all night for answers.

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