Tips to Tell If Your Dog Is Too Cold Some Cool Test
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Tips to Tell If Your Dog Is Too Cold Some Cool Test

Whatever the weather, your dog will probably be fun to let off steam outside – and that too in winter! But as a caregiver, it is important that you know when your dog is too cold and needs to be cleaned.

Do not forget to leave your dog in the car unattended at any time of the year, but especially in the heat of summer and in the cold of winter. If you play outdoors with your dog, take frequent breaks so that your dog can warm up and stay hydrated.

Signs that your dog is too cold
Shaking or shaking
Arched posture with arched tail
Whining or barking
Behavior change, how to be anxious or uncomfortable
Refusal to go further or to try to turn back
Search for places of refuge
Lift the paw off the floor
Prolonged exposure to cold can lead to frostbite and hypothermia (lowering of body temperature

Wrap your furry friend in a blanket or coat, seek warm shelter and immediate veterinary help for your furry family member if you see:

Frostbite (can last for several days)
Often at the ends (ears, paws, paws, tail)

Pale, cold skin that can be painful to the touch
Redness, swelling and blisters of the exposed skin may develop
The skin can turn black
Hypothermia (can vary from mild to severe)
Persistent Tremor
Muscle stiffness
Difficulty walking
Pale Gums
Slow and shallow breathing
Loss of consciousness

Although it is important to pay attention to these things, you should not wait to see the first signs of discomfort to finish your walking or playing time. Although it is important to maintain your dog’s exercise needs in winter in particularly cold conditions, it makes sense to shorten your walk and supplement your pet’s movements with indoor activities and activities.

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