Some Guide So You Can Support Cats This Holiday Season
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Some Guide So You Can Support Cats This Holiday Season

We have recently shared many ways to help dogs at risk, but what about cats?

There are many meaningful ways to support our other furry or feathered friends this holiday season. Here are some of them:

Shelter for a colony of cats this winter

Keep the cats warm this winter! Community cats living in free-range colonies need your help to lead a healthy and happy life. Give up to five unprotected outdoor cats a safe place to eat, sleep and stay warm when temperatures drop below zero with the donation of a shelter.

Help reduce feline overpopulation

You can help reduce animal overpopulation by sterilizing them forward! Spaying and neutering cats helps to reduce the number of unprotected Animals and prevent health and behavioral problems, such as Fifi’s desire to migrate in the heat. Spaying and neutering are important to prepare a cat for Adoption by its new family.

Support a foster family for cats

Open the door of a nursing home for a cat like Mercedes who has not thrived in a sanctuary. Some animals just need a little more care, socialization or rest.

Provide a foster family with all the food and supplies they need for their kittens, from litter and cat litter to collars, toys, dishes and blankets!

Help a new mom cat

A young mother like Picasso needs a safe and calm environment. Help mothers keep their little kittens while breastfeeding, learn how to interact with people, and then support their transition to a new family. Prepare these young babies for their eternal home with routine vaccinations and veterinary care.

Taking care of small animals and birds

Have you ever wondered what our smallest friends need to eat healthy? Fresh herbs, leafy greens and sometimes strawberries or peppers are tasty things that guinea pigs like St. Bernards, hamsters, rabbits and birds will enjoy with your support.

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