Lets Look Out Some Another Time
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Lets Look Out Some Another Time

Greetings again from the darkness. Dating back to HG Wells’ 1895 book and the 1960 film The TIME MACHINE, time travel has long been a popular and familiar term for filmmakers and writers. It was a central theme for Comedies (The excellent adventure of BILL & Ted, WHIRLPOOL Time Machine, science Fiction LOOPER, INTERSTELLAR), curiosities (planet of the apes, DONNIE DARKO), adventure (back to the future, midnight in PARIS) and romance (somewhere in time, on time).

Given that time travel has crossed many Genres, it makes sense for a filmmaker interested in the subject to understand that something new must be brought to the party if a new project can hope to attract attention. Director/screenwriter Thomas Hennessy and co-screenwriter Scott Kennard try to combine romance with a dose of science and Philosophy, but unfortunately, even as a low-budget B-Movie, it just seems boring with too simple a script. I’m not familiar with Director Hennessy’s work on “Bugmashers” and “Ten for the Chairman,” but his experience as a cinematographer should at least have led to a more visually effective film.

Justin Hartley (“This is Us”) plays Eric Lazifer, a successful account manager who saves his money, watches science shows on TV and is easily bored by married women who meet him in Bars. So Eric is a fiscally conservative minded man who looks like a male role model… clearly a difficult path through life. Eric’s best friend, Kal (James Kyson), serves as comic relief and is one of the few who puts energy into his role. A recent acquisition of the company hired Eric’s boss (Mark Valley) to share the details with the boss of this company, Julia, played by Crishell Stause (Mr. Hartley’s wife in real life).

It’s pretty easy to see where this is going. Eric seriously falls in love with Julia. However, she does not faint because of her ice cream recipe and her romance, because she is already engaged to a great man. So Eric does what everyone else would do… he finds the fallen physics professor, Dr. Joseph Goyer (Alan Pietruszewski), so that Eric can travel back in time to meet Julia before teaming up with her fiancé. It is a solid and logical plan with very little chance that something will go wrong (!). If the story has always been on the right track, this is where it really takes off. Watching Eric help the physics expert solve unsolvable equations is simply a little too much.

On the plus side, Eric gets to meet a bartender named Ally, played by Arielle Kebbell, in this Segment. Ms. Kebbell certainly brings a welcome screen presence to this otherwise uninspired project. The appearance of the soap opera is likely to banish this in the world of Streaming, where, if it is lucky, it could find viewers engaged in time travel.

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