Check Out Turntables So Popular Right Now
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Check Out Turntables So Popular Right Now

The disc was once considered a Dead Format. The CDs arrived, and they were far superior in many ways. Not only were they smaller and more portable, but they also kept every Note of every piece of music in perfect zeros and ones. Then came MP3s, which could be used to cram digitally stored music into an even smaller space. Finally, streaming services like Spotify have made it possible to stream music instantly.

It seems that a Format like vinyl would be doomed to obsolescence if such wonders were available. And yet, paradoxically, it has experienced a Renaissance, especially among the younger generations. More and more people are buying used or even new turntables and vinyl. But why are turntables still a thing?

It seems to be “hot

The most notorious feature of the format is that it gives the music a unique character. What does “warmer” mean? Is he referring to high-end and incessant blunt snapshots, crackling and clapping in quieter sections? Does this mean a lower dynamic range? Whatever the appeal, there is no doubt that a vinyl record sounds different from a digital one.


One of the negative consequences of the digital Streaming revolution is that music has become disposable. If we find that we are not stimulated by a particular song, we can immediately move on to the next one. We may not even need to press a button to do this. We can give a command to a voice assistant and let him do it for us.

Vinyl eliminates this temptation, thus helping us to focus all our attention on a particular record. Once you’ve taken the trouble to load a disc onto the Turntable and move the needle, you’re probably not going to make changes every couple of songs. The whole Album as an art form and a complete listening experience can be enjoyed!

Rock Blues

A record collection has a value that a CD collection simply does not have. The envelopes can contain large, highly detailed works of art, and the materials can be lush and of high quality. Vinyl lovers could spend their time browsing the Chaos and eBay in search of an elusive classic-and the thrill of the hunt is enough to interest many collectors.


The truth is that in some circles the disc has never really disappeared. While many modern DJs perform their mixing via sophisticated digital software that adjusts rhythms and applies effects, there has always been a subculture of vinyl-passion disc jockeys that made the vinyl format viable in the 90s and zero, thus ensuring that it did not need to be raised from the dead.

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